Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Once Upon a Blog

  • Once upon a blog i was actually funny. The funny bone has left. It packed its tiny polka dotted hanky, tied it to a stick, blew a raspberry in my face and tottered off down the road to never-lay-eyes-on-me-again-land.

Once upon a blog i wanted to update this here page every single day. I had to force myself to do it today.

  • Once upon a blog there were four. Now they're three.

Once upon a blog i could write about sheep and make people laugh. Uh, I'm a little glad thats over.

  • Once upon a blog i had no aspirations but only needs. Glad that's changed.

Once upon a blog i was content, now i'm not. I'm drained. Its a phase i hope it'll pass soon.

An update is an update. I hope the template is well recieved. Until next time.