Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Fly Dutchmen and more important stuff

Hey ya'll!
Its Dutch men this time. I have a new band whose music i adore. I shall introduce them on treble notes when my turn eventually comes so please please check them out! Yeh!

I have had an eventful time these past two weeks! :)

The biggest news being that things finally fell into place perfectly and i got my tattoo! Its a phoenix and I'm glad that i waited till now. The munches (MMmunch and osh) were present, cringing as i did, holding my hand(without me asking) and laughing graciously at all the jokes that came as a nervous tic to me in anticipation of the awesome pain that was tattooing (I kid. It didn't hurt all that much. Pretty overrated methinks. But the jokes, i admit, were killer. ) 

One thing irks me about the whole shebazzle(thats a made-up word but you get the idea. If you don't, leave now). The minute people find out i have a tattoo, one of the FAQS is "How much?" whilst eagerly nodding waiting for a ridiculously cheap amount to pop out of my mouth (Twelve rupees!). Well, they do hear a ridiculous amount but one thats at the other end of the spectrum.

In Sharuland, i would nod authoritatively at these people while saying "the tattoo was priceless" but in the real world, i have to admit, it did set me back a bit. But regret doesn't figure in my current mindset. I feel safe and secure in the fact that it will not get infected and i will not in fact get aids (something the oldies in my family never failed to mention while shaking their heads dolefuly when i mentioned getting a tattoo) or some other disease that has nothing whatsoever to do with the needle (did i hear someone say herpes?). I'm happy that i don't have to worry that if it did happen i would have someone to blame and thereafter sue the pants off (pun intended).

Quality counts right!?

In other news(in newscaster-y voice),

  • Today was Widegrin's sister's birthday and i had an utter and total BLAST! The chocolate 'non sponge' cake, the chinese food, the ghost story i told that freaked me out more than anyone else, the chain of ghost stories that followed, lorita's 'ghost story' that made me make my throat soar, the phantom knocks on wood, the hysterical laughter and photo session to top it all before the cloud on the way back home. And noone let me forget the boobage! I loved it all! Thank you WG! :)

  • I'm leaving for Ahmadnagar tomorrow to meet the old man and woman and have a blast! :) Dubba is accompanying me and it should be a fun bus-trip. I am taking my guitar and so my co-passengers shall be well entertained. Whether they like it or not. But the guitar is to be left on the bus. My father has misplaced pride in my guitaring skills and insists on making elaborate plans that all feature me playing in front of an audience. This i do not like. And hence i shall be leaving the guitar on the bus when i reach. Why take it in the first place, you ask? Need you ask when it concerns moi?
It is now 2:34 a.m and i am well out of things to do online since this post is now over. 

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Ima gwain tuh Pune! Whu!

I'm my own conga line!
I swear its fun and easy. And all in three easy steps:

1. Watch joey and learn the joey dance.
2. Four jolts to a circular motion with hands (like stirring a large cauldron) and four words for each jolt. (You can use mine or your own...or increase or decrease words. Really, do what you frikkin want)
3. Don't forget the "Whu!" at the end that is punctuated with an alternately upward-downward both hand throwing out gesture thing, accompanied by weirdly twisting knee-bendy motion.
PS if my instructions are complex, its because I'm being selfish and dont want to share the perfectness fo the dance with you.

Ah, Pune.
My five glorious years in Pune are like a dream for me, or a nightmare. I had a horrendous time there, i had a wonderful time there. I'm effin dissapointed i didn't stay but i'm glad i got out when i did. I think i made great friends there(even if i suck at keeping in touch with them). I know i made a few enemies (even if im the one who hates them and they hardly know i exist).

And now, i've been in Bangalore for 2 years, 4 months and 16 days(half the time i was in Pune). 2 years, 4 months, 16 days of growing up, feeling the pain, being stepped on, kickin ass, hauling ass, being victorious, being rebellious, being secretive, being told off, telling people off, being miserable, being elated and finally realizing that vanilla is indeed my favourite ice cream for a reason and that i like being this person. This irrevocably crazy, at times insecure person who just can't get enough of learning about herself through obsessively scrutinizing other people.
And thats why i love both these places. I love them because they have attached to their very core whoever i am today(talk about being in love with inanimate objects!). To sum it all up its like i'm a snail making slow progress through life while leaving slime marks all over these places like a personal marking ritual.
I realize the analogy is just pure absurd and grose but its late and i'm distracted.

D day- 25th October

Ben Stiller is Hilarious

I was youtubing.
And i found this:
Jack Johnson-Taylor
And i watched it. And laughed.
And laughed.
And watched it again.

Ben Stiller is hilarious.
And Jack Johnson is a doll.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Respondez s'il vous plait.....or not!

I'm not much of a talker on the phone. In fact, most times that i am on the phone, unless its a call with a specific purpose, I'm thinking of things I could be doing that are more useful. It doesn't have anything at all to do with the person on the other end. Its just a feeling of restlessness that is mystically attached to the phone being close to my ear.
But there are a few people who i can just be on the phone with and not feel restless and not say anything at all because they just have so much to say and its such a pleasure listening to them. Its like this deep well of a personality that I'm peering into, slowly getting accustomed to the lighting and the contents of the well; gauging and coming to the conclusion that i chose a good well to peer into in the first place! Its deeply satisfying. Because you hang up feeling like you've accomplished something.
There are still a few who i can just be silent with on the phone. Meaning utter silence as both of us do something completely individual. Aside from being a complete and utter waste of money, this activity gives you a warm feeling that i have christened 'notaloneness'. You know that another person is on the line and it somehow makes whatever it is you are doing worthwhile. Plus there is instant friendly advice to be garnered in these cases.
Finally, family falls into just a completely exclusive. I love them too much to have any other feeling except contentment while talking to them.