Sunday, 14 March 2010


I'm not going to say I didn't have the time. Because I did.

The blog dog has died yet again and on the happy occasion of its second resurrection, I have decided to vow never to let it starve so anymore. I mean some would call it art, but myeh, nope its just cruel.

Hmm. I haven't thought much about the past seven(six?) months until, well, now actually. They've been a good seven months (eight?). Seems my life is like (hold your breath, deep analogy approaching) a rising demand-supply graph (yes, i went there). Its like a perfect balance and the only outcome is steady, growing happiness/accomplishment. (aich!)

Now that that's done with, I can talk about the recent past, because, frankly, that's about as far as my memory goes.
Work: Copy-editing. Sigh. I can't decide if I love it to bits or if its just a bit of flotsam I'm clinging to in the vast ocean of publishing. I couldn't believe there could be so many people like me in one room. It's weird, dude.

Home: I never thought being in the same city as my parents could be so strange/surreal. I mean, I can just get on my bike and go see them. Just. Like. That. Its weird, dude. Next you'll be telling me that the stuff on television doesn't stop existing the minute I switch the TV off.

Stuff: You know that feeling when you hear a song that you really like. Like you're gonna just bust at the seams? Well, I have it all the time. Its like some kind of renewed self-belief that's trying to claw its way out into the open through the mass of internal goop, like those creatures from Alien, except good 'uns. (Uh huh, another analogy)

Oh, and I wrote a song, that Dubba and I perfected. It's a first. It's brilliant.

That's all.