Sunday, 6 July 2008

Soul Men (Sigh)

Yikesipee! (as MM munch would say since she's obsessed with that Tad Hamilton movie )

I know i have raved about him before. But you must watch this guy singing. You must, you must!
Marc Broussard singing 'Come in from the cold'.
Raw, live; awesome!

And another soul man is Shawn Mullins. (yes, thats how his name is spelt)
This second dude's voice is pure but tampered with-GOLD! Its reedy and bassy and just makes your heart reverberate and i recommend him to anyone who has a pair of ears. Or even one ear.

Shawn Mullins singing his song 'Lullaby'.
You must also check out his version of House of the Rising Sun:

Saturday, 5 July 2008

It ain't Happening

The munches went for a movie and we were expecting to be scared, startled or at least slightly discomfited. Little did we know that Mr. M. Night Shyamalan has now become a master of comedy.
Here are a few fun facts and some made-up stuff about the movie-The Happening-:

The concept: pretty strange but great anyway.
The cinematography: Nice, nothing groundbreaking.
The actors: The three of us had our own theories but mine i shall state and it goes something like this-
Maybe the actors all forgot how to act whilst filming the movie. After the filming was over, they returned to their normal movie-worthy selves. You know, one of those freak unexplainable phenomenons like stonehenge or the Bermuda triangle.
They made strange inappropriate faces, they made strange innapropriate noises, they looked scared when they should have been angry, they looked constipated when they should have looked scared. It was like watching Joey(from Friends, you clueless people) and his "smell-the-fart-acting". Not Pretty.
The script: Probably what a five-year old boy and a monkey with alzheimer's would come up with if you confined them to a room and forced them to write a screenplay within the hour.

Marc Wahlberg was just hilarious. He should get an Oscar or something.
Zooey Deschannel was strange beyond belief.
John Leguizamo was one huge, lisping disaster and we even laughed at the way he just got out of the car, sat on the road and killed himself.

Now you guys know I exxagerate a tad, and that i sometimes use that to get a laugh or two but this time, its for real. (Its the shizz! As MM munch and i would say)

One particular scene from movie that had us giggling:
Lady is on phone with her terrified daughter and daughter is telling her that she is standing near window looking at a bunch of dead people.
MW says authoritatively: "Tell her to stay away from the windows! Stay away from the trees! Stay away from the trees."
Mother tells daughter to do so but by this time, the daughter is mumbling gibberish and consequently jumps out window. (sound of breaking glass and then wind blowing through window)
Mother (hysterically): Baby!? Babbbyy?
MW takes phone from mother, listens for a second and then says, "I can hear the wind"
Then as the mother becomes truly hysterical, MW is totally demoralized and proceeds to go and collapse butt-first into some shrubbery.

We couldn't help ourselves. We just burst out laughing, looking at him, just sitting there in the bushes. The rest of the movie wasn't different. We found something or the other to laugh hysterically at.

I leave with a small bit from the movie that has us laughing even today.