Saturday, 23 February 2008


Considering this is my first post in about a year, this should keep you occupied for a while.

GOA : The munches in Goa! It was amazing! Bad weather, tempered with bad tempers, death of bronze chappals(read M munch's blog), parasailing, one tonne travails and violent crows...what else do you need for a perfect vacation? but seriously ya, it was probably the best vacation i've had with my friends EVER!(considering its the only vacation i've spent with friends) No but SERIOUSLY. It was the best!

CAMERA: I bought one! It's beautiful and black and if i could take a picture of it i would. I don't care that the people in the store were mean Tamil boys who didn't know that i had extensive knowledge of their language(all right, i caught a few words and jumped to a conclusion). No matter, me n Osh gave them our trademark icy glares together. If munch was there....wait...actually, it wouldn't have helped anyway; oh her hair!!!

SLEEPOVERS: So many!! Sometimes its strange if i AM alone in my room at night. Either its a gathering of the munches or its Pari come over to watch Brothers and sisters as always. We're very lazy together, pari n me. And the munches are very very entertaining. We had fun with

The Sleepover Stories
videos one time; laughed our pants off-at the vids and other things! "ooooooowwwwnnn, keeping me dooooowwwnnnnn" Ah, fond memories...

Shoes Galore: I have been going crazy over shoes! the amount that i have! My father's incredulous voice as he reads out my purchases is especially amusing. He's so flabbergasted...the cutie. He just doesn't get shopping or women. Talking to Amma helped. She understood! :D My sister displayed pride and i believe i heard the words "I taught her well" at one point. Tis true. She was once the Grandmaster. My father is much displeased that i have taken up from where she left off..I heard him muttering as i put the phone down "She's one of them now.." Yes indeedy! And i thoroughly enjoy it! Nothing like dropping a few grand when you're upset. Soes wonders for your mood....the munches know!

INTERNSHIP: Cream and Fudge: talks ongoing of internships in Scarycity (a repeat Goa, think the munches, but all i can relate it to is the violent crows in Goa) but they are yet tentative. Me hopes we stay here and do internship, coz me is a scared poodle. Left my seat a little wobbly and munches had ta help. Thank god for them!

ok, so it didn't keep yuo occupied for too long. Bully for you! Humph!