Thursday, 11 October 2007

My Starved Blog

My blog is like a dog. It needs to be nourished and fed and updated and right now its lying half starved, wracked with convulsions of hunger, on the floor. I can already hear the RSPCA at my door! Well, its time i updated! ("darn right!" exclaims my blog dog from the floor)

One and a half months! Doesn't feel like that short a while! I feel like so much has happened and yet i can't put my finger on any one of these incidents!
I went for a camp recently and though it didn't compare to any of the other camps I've been on, i loved it! The trek was the funnest part and though it was an elaborate treasure hunt, for the most part i just thought of it as a beautiful trek through one of the yellagiri hills! (Probably explains why my team lost)

Speaking of camps i just recalled the funnest camp i've been to! I went from Pune. I was in the ninth standard i think and the camp was in Nasik. It was organised by the army. And that's why i was surprised that though we were staying in a tent (as in all camps), we had cots and mattresses and a seperate tent as a bathroom (complete with sink and crap hole and bucket for a warm water bath.) Besides the five star accomodation and loo we also had a general three sided tent for lazing around or meetings that contained board games and other stuff for entertainment purposes. And there's more...there was also a mess tent where we had our meals on (wait for it) with plates and spoons! haha! I was laughing at how luxurious our camp was! And here i was worrying about crapping in the wilderness and using leaves (of a poisonous plant -knowing my luck) as toilet paper!
The camp was for three or four days and we had the time of our lives! We rappelled (i dunno if thats how its spelt) and trekked and it was fantastic! There were just about seven of us and the camp was equipped for at least forty kids so we got to do everything how many ever tijmes we liked!! I rappelled down that rockside so many times that i got confident and decided i wanted to walk down the side horizontally (i had seena few javans doing it). Well, that ended up in me dangling, shrieking somewhere in the middle, from where i had to be rescued (while still shrieking) I recovered fast and was back to rappelling in a few minutes...
We also drove down to a nearby lake and learnt how to kayak and rappel across a river and cook our own meals of khichdi. (Some survival training-mine was the colour of crap but that didn't stop me from eating it with great gusto)
Towards the end of it we were sat down and told to fill out a form about the camp and the experiences we had there. Budding writer that i was at the time, i wrote with great flourish and was careful to add loooong words that made mine sound more impressive than the others'. I gave it to the officer in charge with a supercilious expression and a smirk, thinking it would be added to a top secret database that was kept in a fireproof box within a fenced compund guarded by dogs. I came home .
And at home i was greeted with relative joy by my family (i was quite a pain when i was a child) and my eyes widened with horror when my father, with a sadistic smile on his face, read out words from a paper that were so very familiar. I had been betrayed!! In my overactive imagination i could picture the entire thing- the fence had been breached, the dogs dodged and the fireproof box broken open by my father. The next excruciating hour was spent on rahashing all the pretentious little things i had deemed appropriate for my camp form.
But it ended well when my mother gave me an appreciative pat on the back and said "How cute Shar! My baby!"
And my father grudgingly stops re-reading the form long enough to say "Looks like you had fun"
My sister, however, was still sniggering.