Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Creative Conundrum and Daft Buyers

I thought it was about time i went back to having pretentious titles thankyouverymuch. (The alliteration adds that extra touch of lilpinkyup attitude.)

It sure is a conundrum-this being creative business. I mean its not just sitting in a corner pouring your tortured heart out onto a piece of bark anymore, it is now business-not to mention risky (note lame reference to movieofsamename). Its trade plus industry plus however tiny and idiotic an idea that has the potential to become a global business.

Obviously this rant is keeping in mind the boom of the internet. I love the internet and all but sometimes it just pisses me the hell off. I mean, you can't think of anything without going online, googling it and finding out that some kid in war-torn Iraq or upscale New York has already done it, made millions and had a few babies since then. Can you compete with that(would you dare?) Its already a heaving BS-spewing conglomerate-the original guy probably isn't even in charge and the bunch of suits it keeps close to its heart of stone will sue you to within an inch of your life if you attempt to say 'feck it!' and go ahead with 'your' idea (with a different name of course). Its conglomerate-eat-small-fry out there. Trust me. But also be ballsy enough to have a go at it anyway. So what if there's a Calvin and Hobbes out there. Go ahead with that comic strip about the little boy and his tiger. So what if there's a Miley Cyrus out there!? Go ahead and sing and make vlogs and.....waitasec. We don't want any of that. Stuff it.

Also, recently I have come to the conclusion that people will literally sell anything out there. What's crazier is that people buy that shit! Its like this insane need to not conform by making daft retail choices. Or maybe its just a hook for conversation! Coz lets face it with the internet we have the option of thinking awhile and then speaking which is impossible not to mention absent) in real life. People don't have time to just sit around waiting for your perilous/pearls of wisdom. If you're not witty you're screwed my friend.

Like recently I saw a T-shirt with the words "Wonder drug - fuckitol" on it. I mean its not like I find the thought of taking drugs to numb the 'pain' fascinating or even want to literally follow the charming advice (because its impossible as well as 'risky business' :D with all those nasty stds). I jus thought it would be hilarious. I even went so far to imagine Widegrin or Dubba looking at it and cracking up. Ah! Saved from at least five and a half minutes of staring and 'dragging'.

Being the black sheep is cool and all but you don't wanna be the pink sheep with the bohemian hairdo and wooden clogs that says "bLaaahhh" alot. The line is fine, but its there people!
And i realize that my rant on the death of the creative turned into a rant on people who buy crap.
-runs to add to title-

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Sabbatical ends

A day after April Fool's day (that passed by unrecognized by me) and more than a month since i last blogged. Anyway, here i is.

Oh wow. A string of events that have/will change my life and perception of people forever. In a good way.

And even better news! Dougies BACK! And he's brought a friend. He appears to have been on recon in my room and has found it satisfactory and hence has begun to "bring in the men" so to speak. I tried to snap a few quick shots but the wily coyote skidaddled to neverland before i could switch my camera on.

I say "thank yew!!" to my guiser (geyser? geezer?) everyday as i leave the loo. Why? (you ask stupid question) because the geyser (guiser? geezer?) plug displays the words 'Attisundar'(very pretty) on it. And i am a stronger person for having the blessings of my geezer (geyser? guiser?)

I download a trillion movies a day. Literally a trillion. I watch them compulsively also. Recently my bloodthirst has been slaked by Resident Evil 1 2 and 3. 1 is seriously a movie I can watch over and over and over again. And not only because Mila Jovovich is hotness and i enjoy watching mechelle rodriguez die, but because its an amazing movie! And obviousy i have to watch shawn of the dead again now because it just kicks ass.

I learn and (thereafter immediately forget) to play songs on the guitar I need not say more yes?