Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Return of Dougie and Examination stories

Dougie has returned! The star reptile of my bedroom stopped by my right wall for a minuscule second before heading over to his favourite hotspot; near his mirror. He checked himself out (AGAIN) in the reflective band of the clock and made a quick exit out the window.


Speaking of strange animals, we recently had examinations and there is a sub-species commonly known as 'invigilators' that are inevitably a part of them..

Our college is really coming down hard on cheating and the invigilators thus, were forced to divulge into the bounty hunting profession, out on the hunt for dirty low down cheats (literally). I found this entire scenario very entertaining and kept bursting out into laughter every now and then-while writing my paper. Obviously this only aroused their suspicion in my 'activities' and I had a tough time not taunting them outright.

Anyway here are a few things that made me laugh:

Halfway through the exam, alls quiet on all fronts, the invigilators are prowling down the aisles praying that they catch someone, anyone, to claim as their prized catch, like brutally competitive fisherman. And then it happened-the ultimate travesty! A phone rang. I immediately looked up (I'd rather have died than missed this moment) in time to catch a flurry of activity. The bounty hunters all stopped in their tracks, beady eyes aglow with the bloodthirst of a hungry tiger. Then simultaneously, they raised their heads upward as far as their necks would allow and turned them to and fro rapidly. IT WAS HILARIOUS! They looked exactly like meer-cats. (See below)
(Please disregard the cat head that popped up suddenly. This is the only nice photo i could scrounge up)
Another fun story that a classmate told me and MM munch after one of the exams goes a little like this. A particular boy (who shall remain unnamed) had a dreadful cold and he was obviously in possession of a handkerchief that was considerably doused in his errr....snot. A lady invigilator (the most ruthless type of this sub-species) walks up to his desk and eyes his 'innocent' looking handkerchief suspiciously. She then proceeded to pick up the sodden rag and unfold it till it couldn't be unfolded anymore and in the process touching its every inch.

Karma is a bitch. And a vindictive little boy with a cold who knew just how to get them back. Well done, son!!

The munches and Yakub have their own way of typical behaviour in the exam hall..

MM is hereby labelled 'tough munch' since she refused to give up her paper till the last minute and resort to a mini-tug of war with the invigilators that was downright ballsy. Me and Pari watched bemusedly from outside the window.
Oshmunch feverishly writes in her paper like she's recharging her life's energy through the act of writing in the goshdarned thing. She is another that refuses to surrender the paper unless the time is beyond up.
Yakub is probably the only one who walks out of the exam hall like a brilliant ray of sunshine. Jokes, grin and all. (While complaining about imminent failure even.)
My main aim after an exam is to get away from the source of my worry as quickly as possible and it works wonders on me!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

NEW BLOG-Treble Notes

I have a new blog!!
I realized that i was writing more and more about songs that i liked on this blog. And its enough to make another blog about exclusively. That one i will update weekly most probably. Pop by and check it out! I promise it'll be worth it and you may find some pretty good music!
The link is

Saturday, 23 August 2008


1) Made feckin labels. Lots of them. Laborously thought up label names and then assigned all posts labels.

2) Changed template. Changed it back.

3) Removed 'This day in History'. If you're thinking

"Huh? This day in history? Wassat?"

Then i guess i did the right thing! Cheers!

4) Added one more crazy metaphor (which i am proud of)