Tuesday, 22 May 2007

ArrrrBaaz and the Rest

Went to Java City on Sunday. From work. Sat there and it wasn't the same. Kristofer was there. (Birdie is in the northern half of the country right now.) Kush was there. And a few other people I didn't know. Maybe i was tired. Kush was tryin to keep the mood up. (He even broke into song at one point. I gave him such a horrified expression that the poor thing stopped abruptly) Max was banging away on his percussion contraptions and all i could do was give a weak nod. (sad, sad) Even La Bamba couldn't wrench me out of my stupour. Well whatever it was, it went away the next day. (Thank the God of Grumbles!)
Work was fun that day. I had NOTHING to do (not that i was complaining.) I was actually pretending to do some ground breaking journalistic stuff(poetbay and orkut) when Poetyes called me to her ummmm....lets say cubicle for lack of any better alternative...and she told me to call Arbaaz Khan!( Black Buck killer's brother) Since it was my first brush with fame(after my meeting with Rahul Dravid, that is) I was skipping around the place squealing "I'm gonna interview Arbaaz Khan!" and irritating everybody. Only later did i realize that it wasn't such a huge thing. Who knew? Didn't Arbaaz Khan save the world sometime recent?? I think he did.
Anyway, I spoke to the man. He was sweet and everything. I forgot to ask him half the stuff and fabricated the rest in the article (DISCLAIMER: I most certainly DID not!)
I spent half of today talking to the people at LCI in Bangalore. Laughter Club International. I managed not to laugh even once. (How hard is it to tell a joke now and then.)

On a completely different note, i have a new joke! It goes;

"How do you know you're a pirate?"
"Ya just arrrrrrr!"

hahahahaha. If you're not rolling on the floor with laughter then get yourself checked out. I told this joke to millions of people and TWO of them laughed(Mangi and Kristofer). You're the abnormal ones :D
Signing off on a happy note....ciao u lot!

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Fully Funtional Phones

I forgot to write a post about my new phone! My dad got me one when my nokia something-or the-other decided to go blank in the screen area. (I'd dropped the phone about a million times but the two incidents are hardly related, are they?) anyway, about the new phone, its a Samsing something-or-the-other. And its fun!

I have new ringtones after ages. Right now its Pink Floyd.
I have cute pictures of fuzzy little animals and my niece too! (the two are not in the same category)
I have games that my cousin has mastered. I have passwords for my inbox.
I have a way to keep track of time now! (Don't ask me how i managed before. I got quite used to asking vague people on the street the time)

And one huge plus point-I CAN SEE THE SCREEN!!!
Here's to fully funtional phones; for now.


Things that have changed recently:

I'm not the newest intern!!! YAY! *does hip tango*(Its contagious Noopur! Go ta hell 'Boy')

Writing poetry is coming back! Just couldn't write something meaningful for sometime! But I'm back baby! Poetbay doesn't know what hit it!

I can now multi task too....listen to music and write poetry. *yet another hip tango*

Dad left today :( but, no worries, he's coming back on 5th of June (three days before my birthday)

New songs have been downloaded. Hinder songs, What goes around, Bless the broken road, Cupid's Chokehold.

Have finally gotten the knack of driving something with four wheels.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

A Rare Moment

I'm pretending to work but am actually here, at my favourite place on Earth. I haven't had lunch. I've been working since 11 in the morning and I just finished. You cannot believe how relieved i am. I want to hold on to this feeling forever!!! (seldom does it come my way)

Now about the recent 'boy' issue-:
*the following said with intense sarcasm*-I'm so happy that my guestbook has becomen a pseudo battlefield for dum'boy' vs the rest. It jus gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside to know that my blog gives reason for people to hate each other.
But don't stop commenting please! I love love love it! I would write more about you writing about my blog (I would write more sense if i had some food in me) but if i don't go and eat lunch NOW i may just collapse. ciao munchkins!

'Boy' still not welcome. Bugger orf!

Friday, 4 May 2007

Another boy bites the dust...


My guest book has two comments now. One from the beautiful, one-chocolate-richer Kristofer and the other one from 'boy' who is evidently a depraved, tasteless....uhhhh....boy(?). Fortunately i don't give a rat's ass about what he thinks.

(His exact comment: "Why in Ayn Rand's name would anyone visit this blog twice ?
Btw that name is only for me to address myself."

Whatever that means!)

Since boy wonder must think its very intelligent to say the name Ayn Rand and still not know whether its a woman or a man, I thought I'd give a small intro to one of the greatest writers ever! I've read Atlas shrugged. There's something very haunting about it and you get it only if you've read it at least twice. I love how it all falls into place the second time. And even though its supposed to dapple in the complex world of philosophy I didn't experience the stigma of boredom usually associated with philosophy and its derivatives.
And adhering to a statement earlier I really do not give a rat's ass ( as this post has clearly demonstrated. Hahahaha)
Begone cursed 'boy'. Thou art not welcome anyway.
Ciao! :)

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

It Doesn't Bite I swear

This is a short and informative post to let you know about the purpose and nature of my guestbook. First off signing the guestbook is mandatory! I mean, how much time does it take out of your life? A minute, mebbe two? It isn't in the least bit ferocious (Don't ask me about some of the stories I've heard). It doesn't bite, has no taste for human flesh (I've heard that's an acquired taste) and it doesn't point out how silly your message is (which, face it ,it is) Its friendly. I promise. Try it! First person ta write in my esteemed (and friendly) guest book gets a chocolate. (A real musty old one thats been lying in my cupbopard for a year. I'm a hoarder remember?)
Ciao munchkins!

Gubai Lethargy

I'm starting my internship today!! I can't wait! I've been moping around the house making life hell for me n ma family. For once in a long time I had absolutely NO assignments or tests! I went into laziness mode and haven't surfaced from it for a week and a half! At least some good things have come out of it:

  1. I've read six books full blown novels. (The intelligent ones not the crappy ones. *did neone say m n b's?)
  2. I mastered the art of staring into space for prolonged periods of time without passing out or without appearing to be passed out.
  3. I have never eaten so much in my entire life!!!
  4. I don't think i remember how to write.
  5. I have added numerous dimensions to the art of surfin the net
  6. I am officially a couch potato (I know the TV schedule by heart. Whats that? "When does ER come on?" TUESDAYS @ 10 and then the repeat is at 10 in the morning the next day.)
  7. I learnt that if you walk real slow them people don't really ask you to do stuff.
  8. I learnt that it is only when you really wanna iron your clothes and go out after AGES that the power goes kaput.
  9. I've learnt that it is possible to sleep from 11 @ nite and get up at 6 a.m only to go back to sleep at 8:30 and get up at 3:30 p.m. (This I'm proud of)
  10. And finally, it has come to my notice that I am destined never to successfully drive anything more than a two wheeler.


Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Traveller Monologue

The Vast Machine…We just have to escape it! Or we’ll be sucked into its ‘safe’ clutches…never living off the grid again-never escaping its so called safety. I’ve thought about it and I don’t think it’s too advanced here. I pity people in the U.S, the U.K and other developed countries. I mean at least here our ‘leaders’ have stuff to deal with that have a higher priority level than keeping tabs on the general populace. It’s scary-the thought of how completely they could control us or are controlling us. Subliminal messages, hypnosis---things of the past.

Now it’s just straight and simple. Keep watch-any inconsistencies displayed by a drone or a citizen and it shall be dealt with. There’s no way to escape it unless you’re a Traveller or the even more dangerous Harlequin. But then there’s no chance for respite either. Always on the run...looking over your shoulder..wondering.

The idea that we could be watched and kept tabs on-photographed twenty times a day-if not at home then when we’re shopping or withdrawing money or just taking a walk down the street is just disturbing. To most people at least. JTH says that some people justify it by saying “They know what’s best for us” or “It’s a bad world” but what kind of beings would we become if the only true thing that makes us Human Beings is taken away from us. Our Free Will.

I know this post is a bit vague and abrupt. But you’ll only completely understand it if you read The Traveller by John Twelve
Hawks. Read it!