Monday, 20 August 2007

Incomprehensible (like this word)

Am i the only person the planet who doesn't get Facebook?
What is with all the applications? (Apparently you can join the Vampires club and bite random people thereafter. Why would you want to do something like that?)
Why, oh why, is it the new Orkut?
The only thing i like is the photo posting can share photos and you can add as many as you like..
I just realized i'm pretty challenged when it comes to stuff like this.
Eurgh...some people have to get a excuse me while i go and obsessively check other pople's profiles and photos on Facebook.
Bye now.
(I just realized today that if i make the entire post bold and make the font larger it makes the entry look larger than it actually is. Ah..the extents my laziness takes me to.)

Sunday, 19 August 2007


I've been thinking about war lately and i realized that i despise it. I hate the fact that man takes pleasure in upgrading devices whose main function is to kill someone. I hate the world of arms trafficking and how we can do zilch to stop it. Guns empower us-yeah rite! They make us feel we're powerful just because they enable us to hurt another person. Its traumatic actually, the thought of actually ending another person's life.

(Everything i've said above is kind of ironic, considering my father is in the army and i absolutely love the defense as a profession and as a national asset. I contradict myself indirectly but hey...its a complicated thing-human emotion. One minute you hate something and the next you admire it for having something that makes it different.)

I'm not being a realist when i say this (which i usually am) but i wish we could go back to simpler times when the world wasn't filled with bureaucracy-with the miasma of bullshit that we have to live through as individuals and a community in the present. Its cool that advancements have been made that make our lives easier but come to think of it we really don't need the world to be a stressful place anymore(like, duh!) and all these things achieve is to make life more compicated.

So go back to the previous centuries?
NO! Women were the criticised in the manner of scolding a child for thinking they could be as equals to man, our country had its battles, the world had its many wars, free thinking was a myth, religeon was the devil in a white, saffron or black robed disguise, and there was general chaos and anarchy beneath a hastily contructed veil of 'order'.

So i come to the end with the thought that we were so much better off as apes. Have you seen Planet of the Apes? The gruesome things we do could be so much more justifiable if we were just a bunch of wild primates who didn't feel silly emotions like guilt or insecurity. We'd be blissfully unaware. We'd be happy at least.

I sum up with a poem i penned down recently.

Yet Another Trench

As if hunger hasn't plagued,
many a concave stomach

As if the Gods haven't converged,
and fought us as one

As if rancour hasn't invaded,
delicate hearts and minds

As if longing hasn't bathed,
our souls in a terrible light

As if our will hasn't been broken,
and smashed into smithereens

As if the world hasn't become,
half of what it used to be.

We surge forward to battle
each other to the death
only to inflict torture,
to make each other horribly

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

They're here.

I know whats happening when:

The walls begin to close in. The ceiling sings a nasty Basckstreet Boys song as it lowers to crush me.
The windows become tinier and tinier, blocking out all light and sound(except that goddamn song)
My friends vanish.
Nothing is a comfort.
And all in all I have the overpowering need to ESCAPE!

Oh god, the exams are here.


Thursday, 9 August 2007


Im going here someday.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Crisis Stations!!

Have you ever noticed how different people react so very differently in times of crisis. Its fun to just observe the different methods through which they decide to handle the situation.

For instance, some people like to very categorically give a summary of the problem and then leave their dreaded proclamation hanging in the air to be digested by the rest involved. For eg
"We're stuck in a burning car and we're going at 80 kmph. There's no way we can jump out. So we have a choice between burning to death or hitting the asphalt at 80 kmph. *looks pompous as pandemonium/silence follows, depending on the crowd*

Some people like to look scared and turn to others for assistance. For eg
*looks at growing flames and says* "WhatdowedonowWhatdowedonow?" *lower lip trembles*

Then there are those who genuinely believe they're helping but are actually bunging it all up even further. They truly don't mean any harm but end up causing much more chaos than they would have wanted to. For eg
*says* "Here, let me help you!" reaches over and unlatches car door allowing person to fall out and hit asphalt at 80kmph. "Well! Thats a brave chap! I can't see myself doing that!"
I don't think there is the perfect person to be in a crisis. To put it crudely every dog has its day. So even the timid person could see something obvious that the the bold and blustrous(is that a word??) overlooked.

*looks meek while saying it* "just slow down dude."
*blunders forward while saying* There's a fire extinguisher attached to the windscreen! Let me!! *cut to three seconds later-everyone is covered in white foam*