Sunday, 6 July 2008

Soul Men (Sigh)

Yikesipee! (as MM munch would say since she's obsessed with that Tad Hamilton movie )

I know i have raved about him before. But you must watch this guy singing. You must, you must!
Marc Broussard singing 'Come in from the cold'.
Raw, live; awesome!

And another soul man is Shawn Mullins. (yes, thats how his name is spelt)
This second dude's voice is pure but tampered with-GOLD! Its reedy and bassy and just makes your heart reverberate and i recommend him to anyone who has a pair of ears. Or even one ear.

Shawn Mullins singing his song 'Lullaby'.
You must also check out his version of House of the Rising Sun:

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