Sunday, 7 September 2008

SHOOTING PEOPLE! (and ourselves)

The time is 9:52 a.m
After 11 non stop hours of beheauuutiful sleep I am as refreshed as can be. Though Amumma is unhappy since i was too exhausted to eat dinner yesterday. TOTAL coincidence that i brought it up but Speaking of yesterday...

Yesterday was fun! We were filming for a mock news bulletin and from one thirty to six we were all behaving like one big ferocious lioness who is over protective of her cub. The cub being the HDV camera of course. There was some prowling around the camera, snapping at each other, reprimanding the misbehaving camera and walking through campus in a large group around it(i believe they're called prides).
haha....ahhh*wipes tear from eye* good times, good times.

The second analogy i thought of was Lord of the Rings!

One camera to screw with them all. One camera to mess with 'em. One camera to bring them all and in the darkness torture em. :D

The camera seriously had some kind of evil hold on us all and i was surprised we weren't screaming 'preciiouuuusss' repeatedly by the end of it! (Considering i think i was the most Gollumish of them all)
But the whole afternoon was eventful....we had a few laughs (a certain someone who fell asleep and started snoring during the recording. Plus the point when i began to take things too seriously imagined i was a reporter for CNBC) and a few fights (intra and inter group :D) and lots of walking about like vagabonds with expensive equipment and lots of getting bitten by viciously hungry mosquitos. (And the camera-person (madhu n i) couldn't do anything about it. Self-enforced torture! Wu-hoo!)
I got so used to being stared at and being asked questions that i got a little confused it wasn't happening once the camera was safe at college and i was home.
We had a mini photo session once the camera battery died and and then went home.
All in a day's work! (We have to film again on monday.)
Ta fer now!

Note: Auto guys are VERY interested in any sort of filming. Our piece outside college had to be shot again TWICE because they kept pulling up beside the camera and gazing with glazed eyes at it not realizing that the horrendous noise of their vehicles was streaming into the video like some kind of evil virus. No wonder its called an idiot magnet!!


Tups said...

I am officially scared to film with you.
As an actor, I'll probably die with your death glares.
Must I quit?
I want my mama...

Sharanya said...

be afraid be very afraid!
i shall smite thee with the camera and torment thee with mine eyes!

Alok said...

"an idiot magnet", I bet to extend it ... people are still alive even after they are shoot with it :)

MM said...

You FORGOT to mention how we thought the camera had been stolen.
Blog it blog it! :D

Chaggoholic.... said...

So an impostor under the hood of a CNBC reporter why not share a few interesting pics wid us....

Tups said...

Shar! check out my blog... See which pic is up :P