Thursday, 2 October 2008

Respondez s'il vous plait.....or not!

I'm not much of a talker on the phone. In fact, most times that i am on the phone, unless its a call with a specific purpose, I'm thinking of things I could be doing that are more useful. It doesn't have anything at all to do with the person on the other end. Its just a feeling of restlessness that is mystically attached to the phone being close to my ear.
But there are a few people who i can just be on the phone with and not feel restless and not say anything at all because they just have so much to say and its such a pleasure listening to them. Its like this deep well of a personality that I'm peering into, slowly getting accustomed to the lighting and the contents of the well; gauging and coming to the conclusion that i chose a good well to peer into in the first place! Its deeply satisfying. Because you hang up feeling like you've accomplished something.
There are still a few who i can just be silent with on the phone. Meaning utter silence as both of us do something completely individual. Aside from being a complete and utter waste of money, this activity gives you a warm feeling that i have christened 'notaloneness'. You know that another person is on the line and it somehow makes whatever it is you are doing worthwhile. Plus there is instant friendly advice to be garnered in these cases.
Finally, family falls into just a completely exclusive. I love them too much to have any other feeling except contentment while talking to them.


Tups said...

bunny, you're so cute.

Alok (आलोक) said...

Umm!! true pretty much it happens with most of us :)

**** Because you hang up feeling like you've accomplished something.

I know my phone is not a useless thing that some people say; I strictly go by the above line :)

Muddled Mind said...

aaahhh! Readin this gave me such a nice feeling inside....I like the peering into a well thing...I think some people are like onions and they have layers which peel off as they tell u stuff like that..but 'well' makes a person sound more...deep...I like..
I like the 'notaloneness' too....the silence....sigh...u should get a prize for being able to describe a feeling like that...

Wickedcookie said...

awww! :) no wonder we call you pari...:*