Friday, 9 January 2009


Can SOMEONE please write in my guest book? Its a sad cold world out there.


I was in an auto on my way to college and I happen to see a boy on a bike-complete with helmet and gloves. Except one of his hands was halfway inside his helmet trying to stuff his cellphone up there. You know, into that little hollow round your ears. Stupid child. I laughed quite a bit actually. Early morning laughter does not require too great a reason apparently.


"10 Rs extra!"

I wanted to kill him. Instead I got into the auto while muttering "Painful you'll are."

"What?" he said.

I froze like salami in a freezer. And then in an act of brave stupidity or stupid bravado- (whichever) I repeated my cuss.

Luckily he repeated "What?" so i got away with that one.


*Ticks 'staring death in the face' off her list of things to do*


Yakub and I were in the bookshop. I was pestering bookshopuncle for change when Yakub suggests i buy one of those greasy sweets that bookshopuncle often stuffs per force into our hands. I ignore.
Meanwhile girl next to me asks for greasy handful.
Here Yakub feels the need to ask "You don't eat all this or wat?"
I look, pause and then say, "NO!" so vehemently and with such disgust that bookshopuncle and girl turn to me, hands awkwardly frozen in the moment. (The greasy perpetrators staring me in the face.)
I cower in embarassment while Yakub tip-toes backwards and laughs his gut out.
I sneak out a little "sorry!" to the girl but i am met with a cold withering glare that gives me shivers to this minute.
But we laughed at that one for a while too.


Daicub&Daicub said...

it'll take me a LONG time to forget this one shar! :)

alok said...

Thank god you survived from the cold :)

I hope the little Dougie too survived from it. BTW, hows dougie?