Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Crisis Stations!!

Have you ever noticed how different people react so very differently in times of crisis. Its fun to just observe the different methods through which they decide to handle the situation.

For instance, some people like to very categorically give a summary of the problem and then leave their dreaded proclamation hanging in the air to be digested by the rest involved. For eg
"We're stuck in a burning car and we're going at 80 kmph. There's no way we can jump out. So we have a choice between burning to death or hitting the asphalt at 80 kmph. *looks pompous as pandemonium/silence follows, depending on the crowd*

Some people like to look scared and turn to others for assistance. For eg
*looks at growing flames and says* "WhatdowedonowWhatdowedonow?" *lower lip trembles*

Then there are those who genuinely believe they're helping but are actually bunging it all up even further. They truly don't mean any harm but end up causing much more chaos than they would have wanted to. For eg
*says* "Here, let me help you!" reaches over and unlatches car door allowing person to fall out and hit asphalt at 80kmph. "Well! Thats a brave chap! I can't see myself doing that!"
I don't think there is the perfect person to be in a crisis. To put it crudely every dog has its day. So even the timid person could see something obvious that the the bold and blustrous(is that a word??) overlooked.

*looks meek while saying it* "just slow down dude."
*blunders forward while saying* There's a fire extinguisher attached to the windscreen! Let me!! *cut to three seconds later-everyone is covered in white foam*


Princess Selene said...

and you are the kind who just stays silent, and makes me think the phone line sucks! then when i ask if you are still there, say hmmmmmmm, and nothing more!!
but baby, you make me smile, i love you!!

RastaQueen said...

Someone hold me, I think I'm going to die laughing.
I knew I should have written a will as long as YOU are around.
Goddamn it!

Sharanya said...

you do me too much honour! teehee...who wouldn't love ta kill you noops! hahaha