Sunday, 19 August 2007


I've been thinking about war lately and i realized that i despise it. I hate the fact that man takes pleasure in upgrading devices whose main function is to kill someone. I hate the world of arms trafficking and how we can do zilch to stop it. Guns empower us-yeah rite! They make us feel we're powerful just because they enable us to hurt another person. Its traumatic actually, the thought of actually ending another person's life.

(Everything i've said above is kind of ironic, considering my father is in the army and i absolutely love the defense as a profession and as a national asset. I contradict myself indirectly but hey...its a complicated thing-human emotion. One minute you hate something and the next you admire it for having something that makes it different.)

I'm not being a realist when i say this (which i usually am) but i wish we could go back to simpler times when the world wasn't filled with bureaucracy-with the miasma of bullshit that we have to live through as individuals and a community in the present. Its cool that advancements have been made that make our lives easier but come to think of it we really don't need the world to be a stressful place anymore(like, duh!) and all these things achieve is to make life more compicated.

So go back to the previous centuries?
NO! Women were the criticised in the manner of scolding a child for thinking they could be as equals to man, our country had its battles, the world had its many wars, free thinking was a myth, religeon was the devil in a white, saffron or black robed disguise, and there was general chaos and anarchy beneath a hastily contructed veil of 'order'.

So i come to the end with the thought that we were so much better off as apes. Have you seen Planet of the Apes? The gruesome things we do could be so much more justifiable if we were just a bunch of wild primates who didn't feel silly emotions like guilt or insecurity. We'd be blissfully unaware. We'd be happy at least.

I sum up with a poem i penned down recently.

Yet Another Trench

As if hunger hasn't plagued,
many a concave stomach

As if the Gods haven't converged,
and fought us as one

As if rancour hasn't invaded,
delicate hearts and minds

As if longing hasn't bathed,
our souls in a terrible light

As if our will hasn't been broken,
and smashed into smithereens

As if the world hasn't become,
half of what it used to be.

We surge forward to battle
each other to the death
only to inflict torture,
to make each other horribly


RastaQueen said...

Profound, my Tinky, very profound.

And then they critize the Flappers? These male chuavanist pigs!
See who envies us now!

Battle for power and no guilty conscience... call me an extreme feminist but wonder why the army has more men than women?
Emotionally apt is what we are!

But all in all, your point of view is totally brilliant... and should be heeded! If I do say so myself!

Abhinav said...

Great poem .. I always liked your way of thinking