Thursday, 12 June 2008

Cellphone Celibacy

It is that time of the year again when people jeer at me, laugh and point fingers and call me careless. (other than the other times in the year)
I have lost another phone.

The date: 10th of june (two days after my birthday might i add)
The time: approx ten to nine p.m
The place: The railway station at Delhi.
The company: MM

If anyone sees a light blue cellphone with the numbers rubbed off the keypad please return it to its rightful and mourning owner. It is either on the railway platform at Nizammudin station or in the Rajdhani on its way to Bangalore.
Some people might laugh, some shake heads condescendingly, some sympathize but nothing will bring back my constant companion who served me well through our short-lived relations. He was a dear friend, a trustworthy store of information (ALL those numbers!!) and a faithful alarm when nothing else could wake my kumbhakarna self.
Fare thee well my friend and as a last favour, please electrocute the sob that has you now. Well. As much as you can anyway.

Something that made me laugh hysterically today:

MM suddenly remembers in class what we were trying to in lucknow and writes it down in the middle of a very serious class.
"I just remember what she said! Shellfish! She said 'don't be shellfish' ''
I'm shaking with mirth. And she's sitting beside me, looking politely interested in the lecture. I shake further.

Dubba and me standing outside my home trying to catch an auto for the better part of an hour today. She stops one and they talk and she walks off in a huff toward me.
"What did he say?" i ask, mildly interested.
Dubba says with poorly concealed chagrin:
He said "twenty bucks"!
And i said "why" and he said "to sit in the auto."
So i said "You, bloody, you take your auto and go"
I laughed. Very hard. Hung onto her arm for support, I did. If you didn't find that funny then you're the strange one. Not me.


Muddled Mind said...

I laughed! I laughed! I swear i laughed! at u, at 'shellfish' and laughed!

Sharanya said... couldn't have emphasized that more. I get that you laughed. My computer screen gets that you laughed. My liver knows that you laughed. it gurgles a thank you. :)

MM said...

Hahaha. Good times munch. Good times. *Wipes away tear*