Monday, 2 June 2008

Of Lucknow & the munches

Lucknow is a beautiful place.
The architecture is just so heavenly for a weirdo like me- my home and the city!
The roads in the market we visited today were infested, for lack of any better word to use, with people. The buildings are gorgeous peices of British raj architecture that are cloaked with the grime of over-use and inhabitation. You almost forget that most of them are an average of two hundred years old!
All the memories of people and events attached to it seem to rush at me when i look at them and i always leave with a warm feeling of having gone through time. (Ah, if only!) I wouldn't mind living in one of those aged structures at all. I'd take high ceilings and rotting plumbing ANY day as opposed to sleek, lo maintenance flats! I can imagine myself in one of those cutesy rooms, with a strangely coloured, rickety ceiling fan and a wooden screen in one corner and a rocking chair in the other. All this looking onto a busy street though stained glass windows or wooden arches. Sigh.

The house here is awesome and i have been so busy being rapt with pleasure that i have neglected taking any classy photos of the place. That shall be next on my agenda.
Now as for my company,
I have realized that time spent with the munches is time well spent. ANY amount of time. WHATEVER we're doing, its fun.
Whether we're laughing hysterically at made-up scenarios or arguing, or being snappy or sharing companionable silences.
Aaah. The joy of time well spent is...well..a joy.
Anyway, Lucknow is hosting the munches for now and the two days we have spent here have been fun even though they did not include anything Lucknowi per say. Two dinners out, one argument, one afternoon of awesome gift giving (courtesy MM) and some questionabl guitar-playing later and i can't wait for it all to start again tomorrow!
I'm glad for the munches.
I'm glad for Lucknow.
This is one contented bunny rite now.
Oh, and my family rocks too.


Deepa said...

Dont forget to get yourself Laknowi chicken work Salwars and kurtis

Nomadica said...



and then tag 5 more people with this *grin!*

If you're anything like me, then I'm guessing you don't do TOO many tags coz inspite of having blogs, it's ALL not really up there. But this one can elict funny responses..and you can update :)