Tuesday, 20 January 2009

She's Gonna Break

(A very apt title from one of Less Than Jake's songs.)

I wrote something in class today that I am half disturbed by and half deliriously joyful about.

It was gory and bloody and so unlike what i stick to. I'm usually subtle about violence-depicting the aftermath or events preceding it. This is because i know that nothing make-up and write can rival a person's imagination. So i take the more effective (yet easy) way out.

Point in fact- its not my style to write something that includes the words 'bloody stumps'. Apparently now it is. I feel like its a barrier I've broken. And it feels good.

But of course, as some sort of unconscious response to what I thought was non-existent societal pressure, immediately after the disturbing piece I wrote a 'normal' one. (Well, for me anyway)

A dent in my momentous 'toeing the line' incident.

Eh, I'll live with it.


Brian 'Curmudgeon' Polson said...

Please to be posting said disturbing piece yes? Obama is good for you.

Daicub&Daicub said...

hmmm... more than disturbing shar, i thought it was VERY engaging and vivid... Very few writers can make you imagine a scene to the smallest detail... But you got that!:)

Muddled Mind said...

Daicob is write I'm afraid
It was only disturbing cos I know it's not u...or it came from a formerly unseen side of u...
Breakthrough not only for you but ur readers as well!! Woohoo!
...and I loved the little aftermath passage too...a little pealing of the onion I call it...he he...keep it clicking Shar!!
*cheers from stands*