Wednesday, 13 June 2007

List it

I have taken inspiration from another blog and i have made a list of things to do..i am painfully aware of the fact that this idea isn't mine so don't remind me if you care for your life. goes!

  1. Look for hidden fee receipt that can make or break your second year in college.
  2. Try to draw from memory the emblem of the your college.
  3. Add insane posts to your blog that don't even make sense.
  4. Twiddle your thumbs.
  5. Watch T.V.
  6. Twiddle your thumbs while watching T.V
  7. Setup a meeting with a friend and then at the restaurant sit at another table and ignore them completely. Everytime they try and talk to you say politely "Excuse me. I'm expecting someone."
  8. Burp loudly and then, when you can see someone within earshot, say "Oh My God! I ate that days ago!"
  9. Cough like a mad person and when someone pats you on the back kindly, turn on them and shout in their face "Can't you see I'm BUSY?"
  10. Convince someone that going for a five act mono act by an eighty year old man will be fun. Buy them tickets. Say you'll mee them there. Don't turn up.
  11. Make a list.


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Princess Selene said...

mail it to him it ll go on his blog as well