Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Yet Another List

Ok, i have seriously taken to writing these lists. They're fun (for me) and i can let my imagination run wild. Not that i hold back otherwise..

THINGS TO DO IN THE LOO (and it rhymes too..im just pure genius.)

  1. Spike your hair with shampoo and/or soap and sing Gareth Gates songs. (The dude has serious hair issues)
  2. Steam up the mirror and write "I'm sure i saw what you did last summer but it so doesn't compare to what you did the summer before that."
  3. See if 'bouncing off the walls' really is possible. (Avoid this step in small bathrooms)
  4. Dance around naked singing "I'm a slave for you" complete with Britney steps.
  5. Leave the door open.


RastaQueen said...

Except for point number 1, I seem to be executing every point almost everyday.

Something is really wrong here.
Really wrong.

Maybe I should be scared.

Sharanya said...

of course there isn't! (conspiratorial wink)

Princess Selene said...

same here!


us;triplets maybe?!

RastaQueen said...

This is so touching is making me pee with glee. *tears rolls down face*
You lowvly girls.
kisses. kisses.
*waves frantically*

Mr.H said...

i kinda liked point number 2....but my mirror isn't that big ! :'(

Sharanya said...

The only thing that makes me weep now is knowing that we actually infact ARE triplets...nahhh...im jus kiddin! MWA!
And Mr H don't despair, i shall presetn you with a mirror.....(mock hands over gift to Mr H)................THERE! now you can do watever it is you wanna!