Friday, 25 April 2008

HoW to MaKE a HeLLisH ThInG NoT So HeLLiSH (LIST III )

Things to do during an internship:
  • update your blog.
  • if you don't have any work (or do for that matter) , unnerve your boss by staring continuously at him or her.
  • find two alternative uses for your mouse
  • exaggerrate eavesdropping on your boss's conversation with someone else. When they finally look at you say something completely unrelated.

Boss: "Yea, i don't know how to get this website up."

Dude: "You can totally call his guy. He'll help you out! The link is..."

*they notice you eavedropping*

You: "I don't have an appendix"

  • Repeatedly open and shut a door till it falls off and then say with disdain : "Flimsy piece'a'shite. MY door held up under torture"
  • whack your forehead every now and then. After a while, say "shut up in there", while hitting your forehead repeatedly.
  • Use the office phone to call a number and keep slamming it down as though frustrated. Upon inquiry say, "I keep trying the office but some bastard's keeping the phone engaged"


MM said...

I'd like to see lists one and two if you please, munch.

Muddled Mind said...

Did u actually DO all these things?? I doubt it! My sharu is more of a thinker upper..aren't ya?

Sharanya said...

I preach..don't do...

Tups said...

I beg to differ... Bunny over here is absolutely capable of saying something totally irrelevant (Read: "I don't have an appendix") when shes stuck in a situation. EVEN THOUGHT SHE HAS ONE!

I on the other hand, my lovelies, am entitled to claim for the rest of my life now!

Ps. I can read this post again and again and again and again and again.... and again.