Friday, 18 April 2008

Pari's B'day

  1. Pari's birthday was a blast. (For everyone else because i was in one of my friskiest moods!) Just Baked was a fun place to be though i may never go there again on account of an embarassing moment that i shall take with me to the grave. No more shall be said of that event but i will say that we had an absolute blast! Things that happened:
    "surprising" birthday girl with a cake.
    missing filming of some important moments (no worries, they were artfully recreated later)
    laughing like idiots at things that weren't funny
    getting dissaproving looks from Osh (she knows why, i know why. nuff said)
    regretting wearing a skirt
    appreciating Pari's expression as she looked adoringly at her new Oasis collection.
    getting a special hug for secret reasons from the birthday girl.
    "The proposal" that was slightly delayed due to afore mentionedexpression. (it lasted around five minutes. one thing that was not and could not be recreated)
    The yum confectionaries that adorned the table for about five seconds before they were demolished.

    One of the funnest times! Apart from the embarassing incident-but with me, thats a given!


MM said...

Ok first of all, YIPZEEDOODAADAY!!

You have no idea how happy I am that the blog dog has been revived. NO IDEA. :) :) :)

MM said...

Second, Just Baked munch? Just Baked? Think about it, was that the name of the place we went to? Did it LOOK like it had just been taken out of the oven after a good baking? Did it?

It was Just Bake. Which come to think of it, isnt very much better.

I cant believe we didnt laugh about how funny the place's name is. Imagine the scenario at the ad agency that came up with it.

MM said...

Embarrassing moment! har har har :D it will go to the grave with me too munch. Unless I decide to use it as my status message on Facebook. Just kidding munch.

I think I might have botched up the "surprise" a little bit.

What disapproving looks ya!!!
I dont like the amount of secrets I am unaware of in this post.

But I love ya munch! Muah. And I love the post. :)

Sharanya said...

Aw..yer a doll.

Muddled Mind said...

lol..u know what expect for osho's looks..which no one ever knows anything about..I KNOW ALL THE SECRETS IN THIS POST! grin! and I love u! ;) hug! that saves me a blog post..sigh! hug!

Sharanya said...

You is a lazeee bum.

Muddled Mind said...

me has written two posts bout me b'day awready..go has a lot to do with u..