Saturday, 26 April 2008

Internship story II

Four words that made me happy today: "What do you think"

Dude and duder from *** real estate agency walk into office for a preliminary look at our ideas for their brochures, flyers et stalls for exhibition. Sat down for about an hour.
Twas fun. Especially when my boss asks me : "Any inputs Sharanya?". She probably saw the deperate look in my eye that clearly said "ASK MEEE! PLEASEE!" After her enquiry i was immediately pulled into the discussion and boy was i glad! Since most of the copy ideas were my babies, i rattled on about the one we'd chosen and allayed their doubts about its viability. I was so happy that i didn't stutter or spit (as i am usually prone to do). But this was ok! Later, me and dude are looking at the mock-up on the comp and my boss leaves to take a call and we're alone in the room. Since i am the queen of awkward silences, one obviously followed. And then...

Dude: (looking at brochure) "What do you think?"
Me: (almost choke on spit but recover) "Erm...its nice!"
At this point i was thinking what a shite thing to say!! i should have said, its brilliant! Mind blowing! Now he's gonna ask for a do-over and my boss is gonna fire my ass! Might as well leave right now.
Dude: "Why do you think its just nice?"
Shit. I desperately look to see if my boss is returning this century and stall by pretending to cough.
Me: "Well, you know. I think the tagline may give a kind of negative vibe to a reader. And one of the advantages of a good tagline is that it draws a potential customer in. This tagline just sounds nice. It doesn't actualy have anything to do with what you're showcasing right?" (i ended on a questioning note because his face had remained impassive the entire time)
I've blown it.
Dude: "And what would you suggest?"
Uh oh. Challenge time.
Me: "How about ******** instead of this." Fingers crossed

Status of my suggestion: Accepted
My Status : Ecstatic


sublime_xtasy said...

well....u were good and it went well...why do u ALWAYS have to underplay it?
Don't worry u won't jinx it!..... for once!

Sharanya said...

thanks munch

MM said...

Yay!!! Good job ma munch!

And you're hilarious.

Princess Selene said...

proud of u bear!