Thursday, 22 May 2008

Writer's Unblock

Yes, its that beautiful time in a decade when i can't say i'm suffering from writer's block(or inherent laziness) and that is why i am blogging more than once today!

I have a few embarassing moments to discuss!

She lies. She lies.

Fine. They're aplenty in my life but i'll choose the golden moment and put it up here since i know you have lives and have better things to do. :)
This latest one i am actually proud of.

My mom, dad and i were at Hyderabad International Airport two weeks ago all checked in and waiting to board. Let me just say that this airport is pretty snazzy, by indian standards. All shiny (well, for now) and new. It was the kind that is lit so bright that you're constantly afraid you're gonna do something stupid (like i did).
So...i decide while waiting that i'm gonna go to the loo (which i thought i could do effortlessly but turns out i can't.)
I was thinking about romantic novels (don't ask) and walking towards the loo. I walked in, vaguely noticing a big blue illustration (really, they should make the "signs" more distinguishable. I mean women wear pants as well nowadays.) So i walk through and there's like this little area with a wash basin and mirror and there's this guy there. And he looks at me and i look at him and we both look away. He says nothing.

I was thinking :"Hmm...this part must be common"
The sadist that he was, he musta been thinking :"She gwain get embah-rassed!"

I walk in and there's six men, three on each side, facing the wall. Unless it was some kind of mexican stand-off in the women's loo, i guessed that they were doin their business and it was at this point that i realized where i was and my cheeks turned a darker shade of red and i felt like i was on fire (not in a good way)
And any normal woman would turn tail and run but nooooo...i just muted the sound of my heels by tip-toeing and heading for one of the stalls. All the while i was thinking..
Great. Now if one of them turns around they'll think i'm some kind of weirdo pervert who tip-toes around men's loos. (I wouldn't blame them. I felt like a pervert)
I was in the stall so i went about my business (getting embarassed makes me wanna pee apparently) and laughed at myself quietly before walking out confidently, head high in the air and heart high in my throat. I thought i could just walk out and try to vanish into a large group of tourists or something but obviously i met my dad on the way out who says incredulously,
"Thats the men's loo!"
to which i mumble something to the effect of
"*giggle* yea i know"
Dumb dumb.
It still wasn't over. I was trying to hurry away when the guy who was mopping the floors stops mopping, looks at me, grins and says while pointing, "That side ladie's loo madam".
Yes, thanks. That helps.
I walked away without replying, tossing my hair for effect.


Muddled Mind said...

LOl! trust u to do smt like that! poor dear!

Tups said...


Nomadica said...

Now this is freaky.
I'm Sharanya. I ADORE Coldplay. I am as weirdly self-proclaimed normal (is that even a phrase?) as you are. I'm not 19 (YET) but er..close.

And I have FINALLY found someone else on the blogosphere who doesn't spell her name as Saranya or Charanya with the same pronunciation as SHARANYA.



Sharanya said...

Someone other than my few friends read my blog!
*walks out of the room-starstruck*
i think i shall not be a very good celebrity.

Sharanya said...

Someone other than my few friends read my blog!
*walks out of the room-starstruck*
i think i shall not be a very good celebrity.

Sharanya said...

i don't know how that got posted twice. i don't.