Thursday, 6 November 2008

A'nagar-Home away from Home

The vehery long blog silence has been due to my sheer laziness. One would think its because I am on vacation somewhere in the wilderness of Maharashtra but no, in fact, i am in the warm and safe confines of a beautiful house complete with computer, tata sky and access to the internet. But Dubba was over here with me for a long time and my family is a hand and armful as it is so even looking at the computer to think about writing a blog seemed like a monstrous task. I have dragged myself over here after quite an eventful few days. Today is the day before the last day here and i am feeling it :( (in me very bones Cap'n!)

Ah...what a time it has been! It was sedentary yet eventful, uneventful but peaceful and a whole lot of fun! The gazebo in the garden must have an overwhelming urge to uproot itself and leave just in case we come over again to sit for hours and have loooonng family chats that could appeal to noone but us. The corridor will be mighty empty without me rushing up and down it to get something or the other from my mess-of-a-room. And the dining table won't be groaning with the weight of food that i inhale within minutes of it being placed there.

My parents have changed a lot of houses these past three years but it doesn't matter one tiny bit as long as i get to see the things that have been around me for the past twenty years. You may know what i'm talking about but you also know thats not going to stop me from illustrating with an example. When i see the little wooden bar i feel all warm inside and and not even because of the anticipation of drinking (I don't drink much)! The same goes for the strange coconut ashtray, the twenty thousand magnets on the fridge, the pillow cases i've slept on throughout my childhood, the carpet that still has scuff marks from whenever i was overexcited and so much more. Sigh. There's no place like home. :)

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