Wednesday, 26 November 2008


I recently found this. I liked it so much that i put it up here. The conversation was made totally in passing. Neither one of us was too dedicated to the thingumajig and (i'm sure) we'd forgotten about it three seconds after it ended. But i happened to see it now. And it made me smile.

Something totally inane and inconsequential made me smile today when i haven't (except out of necessity) in the past few days. Big surprise.

4:58 PM AKR: art thou fervently hoping for a time machine or a universal remote contorl?(in response to some sad status message of mine on gmail about being in the middle of exams)
4:59 PM me: hoping is sad. im building one.
AKR: really now?
me: the time machine. not the remote control
AKR: outta biscuit carton?
5:00 PM me: no..newspaper
AKR: kick ass
me: and a tv antenna
AKR: i suppose it involves complex time charts
for help you could test it out by dumping it in water and see if it comes out dry
5:02 PM me: i was thinking oil and checking if it floats...but i shall consider your idea..
what EVER does a time machine have to do with time charts?
AKR: of course it does
both deal with time
5:03 PM me: chocolate wrappers and pumpkin seeds. thats about all the extra material i need..
AKR: hmm no glue?
me: rice...its as sticky and definitely biodegradable
5:04 PM AKR: hmmm kick ass

6 minutes
5:10 PM me: yup. if only imagination got me marks.
AKR: yeah

Did it make you smile, i wonder? But then again, i know i'm completely strange so it doesn't matter. :)


Tups said...

It made me smile.
Because I want a time machine made of chocolate with books for windows and candy canes as door handles.
Traveling would be very enjoyable then.

Wickedcookie said...

ooohh! especially if you ate all the chocolate(coz i know you will) and had to float in the time/space continuum for ever and ever with only books and candy canes for company.

Muddled Mind said...

ha ha ha ha...Why does this remind me of a Calvin n Hobbes comic stip?
....grin at Nups
....still waiting for the comic book version....