Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Slump of 08

Well, life's full of ups and downs they say. (I must find 'them' and have a chat with 'them')
And i'm in one of em 'downs' people.

Its a freaky place to be. But anyway, at least i'm getting some writing done. :) I have retreated into the literary world of late. And though depressing it is that i can only manage tp put together something literary when i'm depressed, it is the truth. I got out of the funk of writing about depressing things a long time ago, though. I now write what i want to write and not what i feel like. There's a difference, trust me.
Notebooks that i have hoarded like a pack rat and never used have to be dragged out of hidey-holes. And that is not something I'm familiar with. I'm actually thinking about publishing some and that's definitely new. Definitely.

Another world i'm retreating into is that of the cinema. I have watched a shitload of film(yes singular, not plural). Seriously. Five movies after which i truly thank the gods for their existence (the films, not the gods.) I've never given it enough credit. I think its an art; being able to sit motionless, in one place so engrossed in a fictional(well, mostly) character's sordid (or unsordid) life while holding your pee in long enough for you to consider that your kidneys could be failing any minute now. I made it to the loo. Just in case anyones wondering.

As a rebellious action 'gainst my literary inspirations, i'm going to leave all the 'i's from the 'I's and 'I'm's uncapitalized! So there! Depression, i ain't your bitch!
(seriously that was a huge step for me. i don't like spelling stupid words like 'douche bag' wrong. And i have the annoying habit of correcting people's english. Ah well, screw it. If its wrong, its wrong.)

And all jokes aside. I know that somethings going to happen. I'm teetering on the precipice. Waiting for that feather-touch to send me over the edge. Its not a bad thing. Its just.....imminent. And i'm ready for it.


Princess S/Kishmish said...

still in I instead of i :)

Poker Cards said...

To me it is not clear.