Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Starer Jane.

i haven't blogged in a while because i've been kind of busy.
She lies. She lies.
been going to work regularly (yuh-huh) and working, when there, non-stop.
*uncomfortable silence*
Actually i must tell the truth ("ABout TIME!") and say that there were TWO hectic days at office before which i was pretty undisturbed by stress and after which i managed to fabricate this feeling of having had to work hard for a year. I actually, physically feel tired. Well, thaz meh. Mebbe i can fabricate experiencing other emotions as well. *jiggles eyebrows expressively* (expressing what, noone dare ask)
I have just realized that i have not an expressive face. My 'quietly-contemplating' look looks pretty much like my constipated look and my 'interestedly-observing' look looks pretty much like jack-the-ripper stalking his prey.
My friends have often told me (while affectionately reminiscing ofcourse) that before they knew me i used to creep them out. ( i enjoy the joys of friendship. eh? did i just use joy TWICE in a sentence??) Anyway, my reaction to that;

Inward: yuh-huh(note to munches: this is my new catchphrase)! i should totally stop doing that dude!
Outward: Pshaw! i don't do that! You guys suck. (As you may have noticed, my vocabulary sure has improved)

But, in conclusion, yes i do stare at people when i'm bored. I just can't help it! I'm not lusting, not plotting murder, i'm just politely staring. People fascinate me so! You can totally make out the inner workings of a group of people by observing (STARING at) them for a few minutes. Mebbe thats why the friends i pick turn out ok in the end because i stay away from the ones i get a negative impression from whilst i am staring at them.

I'm literally out of breath from that sentence.Try saying it out loud!

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for the death of people who are dumb enough to listen to me. And having said that i have two more suggestions:
Climb up a lampost and throw yourself off it! (This one provided me and the munches with a lot of laughing time)
"Curl-up and die, die, die"-sung to the tune of Rihanna's Shut up and drive (This one as well!)


MM said...

Hahahahaha.. you're hilarious munch! Yuh-huh!

The line is, climb up a POLE and jump off it. :D And your face is extrememly expressive munch, what're you talking about?!

MM said...


Sharanya said...

*whiny tone*
throw yourself off sounds bettterrr!
and yes munch my face expressionless whilst staring but not so much when i need it to be expressionless...sigh..YOUR eyebrows and eyes ont eh other hand...could kill someone.

Deepa said...

lol... *fell off the chair while laughing**