Thursday, 22 May 2008

Depressed Bunnies, Jefferey Archer and the five year plan!

I was just going through my other blog that i made a long time ago. It is so superbly cringe-worthy. Yikes! I can't believe i thought it was net-worthy. (I used worthy twice. haha)
Its filled with these depressing poems that i probably wrote when i was in one of my 'moods'. i was one depressed bunny! Hmm...i wonder if bunnies get depressed. I dunno...mebbe they're depressed all the time. And i just realized that bunnies pretty much make no sounds-at all. They're dumb. Which makes me wonder if they're deaf as well. Coz we had rabbits when i was younger and i don't particularly remember them responding to the ghastly names we gave them. Not one sideways look. Not a raised ear. Nothing. Maybe the bunnies I had were depressed, deaf and dumb. I don't know.
My friend and i used to have fun with them though. We didn't exactly torture them but what we did is kind of in the gray area. Can't arrest or commend us for what we did. (Hah! In your face PETA) So anyway, we used to kidnap one of the bunnies, take it in to the drawing room, set it down on the sofa and push down. and guess what used to happen!?
Voila! It used to poop! Every single time! That was one weird rabbit.
haha...wipes tear from corner of eye.
We had some fun times.
Too bad that some stray dogs got to the bunnies.
I shan't recount that story! Poor bunnies. They couldn't even scream.
Goshdarnitalltohell. Now i'm sad. :(
On a perkier note, I may be meeting Jefferey Archer tomorrow! He's on his India book tour and he's in Bangalore tomorrow. I can't wait. He's a Lord. Finally, I'm meeting someone of my calibre! xD
Jefferey Archer made me think about my five year plan. (No he didn't. I just wanted to add it here because i didn't want to write a new post because ah'm a lazy bum)
my five-year plan is actually quite cool. It makes me kind-of focused at the moment. I discussed it with widegrin and she agrees that its brilliant. But then again, she's the kind of friend who would supoport you if she found out that you pooped rabbits. (this rabbit thing is not going away too quickly.)
Ta fer now!

two minutes after publishing post: wtf is supoport? haha.

(*Mad n Pari: you suck at nuards. Look at mine.)

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Muddled Mind said...

Don't u dare! U dont even know what ur wierdo word means! Bum!Bunny!Bimbleboo!