Friday, 16 May 2008

The Scarlett Lady

meh. I have a confession to make. I am cheating.
Yes, I am cheating. And whatever you do-gooders are thinking right now, i do not care. I don't care that you think i am morally repugnant or that i will probably go to a very hot (no i dont mean chic) place after i die. I am cheating. Its completely true and i'm ashamed but i do not regret it. I'll say it one last time: I am cheating. On blogger. I'm cheating on blogger with wordpress. I feel horrendous. I mean, i'm usually a very loyal person i am! I stick by people who i believe in and i am pretty much an innocent-until-proven-guilty kinda person.
But gawd! Wordpress really rocks. I will of course continue the relationship i have with blogger but things, i know, will never be the same. sigh. change is sometimes a terrible thing.
So anyway, if you guys want a change of scene then this very blog is also on wordpress at the following location.
i am right now listening to John Paul White's "Can't get it out of my head". seems appropriate.
Ta fer now!


Tups said...

You is cheater.
You shall die in a "very-hot-no-I-don't-mean-chic" place.

Sharanya said...

why thank you. wat kind and eloquent friends have i! I feel quite the blessed child.
die, die

MM said...

*Holds knife at Sharanya's throat*

Where is blog tag post? Huh?