Saturday, 21 April 2007

The Two Toms

I'm officially in love! With two Toms....Tom Holt and Tom Sharpe. Sigh...their books are just fabulous! Recently hooked I've become a devout follower(If you see anybody running down Brigades screaming "I love you Toms!" its probably me) and cannot put their books down! I bought three the other day (much to Birdie's disdain) and skipped the entire way home (A bit difficult considering I was on a two wheeler) I haven't been this obssessed since that small affair with Matthew Reilley....or Gone With The Wind (sigh..but the sequel is like any other crappy sequel) and who can forget the amazing Terry Pratchitt...I think i've had enough of blogging for now...i have to read my books today!! Today Today!! c ya..