Monday, 30 April 2007

Four Wheel Frenzy

Me at the driving school inUdhampur..I was pretty good then. (Who isn't in a friggin parkin lot?)
I'm learning how to drive. A car. And isn't friggin easy! I've been dying to learn how to drive and my wish was granted in the form of the Maruti Driving School. After seventy four thousand theory classes, half of which i slept through,(6:30 in the friggin morning) I finally got behind the wheel. The first class was just a breeze. I was driving on a smooth road in a figure of eight. Downshifting, steering and clutching like a friggin pro. The inspector was pleased, i was pleased....evbuddy was happy....sigh...those were the days!

The second class was with another instructor. I managed to amuse him with a few of my witty jokes and comments (Yes, i have some) and I'd like to think that because of my witticism I was instructed to drive on the roads. (albeit, it was at 6 40 in the morning) He was directing me and telling me what to do and it kinda got irritating after a certain point. I wanted ta rev the engine and zip around turns on two wheels and everything else fun! (In a Wagon R) He told me to stick to second gear for now. (Between 15 and 20 kmph. Might as well have ridden a horse) Then comes the part where i completely lose what he's saying.

"Aaalweiys stei to tha left bhut dhon't phorget to steer to left or riet when you see a pathhole."

Eh?? I froze for a second...pathhole? whazzat? Sounded like something outta Alison in Wonderland.Was this man some kind of follower or something? Mebbe i reminded him of Alison. I suddenly pictured myself jumping down a path/rabbithole and laughed out loud. He stared at me for a few seconds and decided that i was enjoying fourth gear too much. "Brake it. Brake it" he said insistently,"Second, second now" and we returned to 2 kmph.

The third tutorial was with the same man and he didn't seem too pleased with me(who can not be pleased with me??) so i repaid him by sniggering everytime he said 'pathhole' which btw stands for pot-hole. He got the last laugh. As we approached the driving school he suddenly decided (sneaky devil) that it was time i learnt how to take a u-turn. I dreaded the moment. Anyway he made me go into first and slow down to a snail's pace near the u-turn. I was just preparing to turn when a car (A reva) coming from the opposite direction also decided to take a u-turn, and ass that he was, wanted to make the turn before me. I, of course didn't know that at the time and began to make the turn. I saw him turning as well and I froze like a hunka meat in the freezer. The intsructor noticed and said "Clutch and Brake!" I screamed and clutched and accelerated. Thank God for the clutch and brake on his side. The Reva made a hasty exit with a sneaky suspicion that he had just narrowly missed a collision. When i had regained my breath and made sure my heart rate wasn't irregular anymore i made the turn and slunk back home with my tail between my legs. I hate cars...for now.

Small doofus mistake made by author and pointed out by Kristofer the Korrector. It isn't Alison in Wonderland. Its Alice. Yes, i make mistakes too. :P Thank you Kris! :)

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its alice!!!!!!!