Saturday, 14 April 2007

Impedimentia and the Innevitibilitia

Hello my lovely fellow humans!
By now you must know or might have guessed that i'm in an aceptably good mood. Thank god for small mercies! For the past three weeks (!) i have been trying in vain to sign into my account at blogger to add to the meager amount of posts here. It has been a very irritating endeavour! My own computer's screen is, in one word, screwed! So i have to resort to going downstairs for my internet needs. It seems that the downstairs computer aka DC knows how important this blog is to me so it refuses to let me sign in. It laughs in my face as I wait patiently for the page to load. I tried various sneaky and underhanded tactics but nothing, i say, NOTHING would work! After the first forty attempts i gave up my dream of maintaining a blog and cried in a corner for a bit, resigned to the fact that the entries i had so carefully typed up on the computer would go to waste (All that creativity!!!) But it seems i have found a way to skip dealing with misbehaving computers and monitors-my cousin's laptop!! I'm typing away with uncontained glee! I hope this gets posted else i think my head would be devoid of any hair-now or ever. But then-whatever happens, happens for a reason.
I'm going to divulge a bit from the topic of my worries and state that I think this particular saying is especially meant for the lazy man. It immensely irritates me to think that there are some people in the world who would give up easily, would attribute major events in their lives to something that would have happened whether they liked it or not. NO! Things happen as a result of actions-ours or even someone we don't know. I think its lazy and cynical to think that bad things are meant to happen. Yes, they're likely to happen but not meant to! The forces of the universe do not decide what will happen when-i think they're as unaware as we are of the future! Things are made up as we go along-consequences of our actions. Not some unseen force-karma-sheesh! I believe in the power of humans and their actions. So sue me.


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