Friday, 16 March 2007


You have got to try simple word-an amazing solution to being blue....I was wandering (more like stalking) around the house the other day in a fouler-than-foul mood and the leg of my study table chanced upon my little toe. Apparently they didn't get along and the table leg stubbedm my toe, which then caused me to hop around on one foot with the other toe in my hand(I didn't know i was that flexible) for a minute or two. If you're wondering, the table got its due. (My grandmother wondered about the missing appendage for a minute but i craftily distracted her with a magnificent fake tantrum)
Anyway back to my genius discovery-As i was hopping around unflatteringly, I screamed obscenities...and that just made me red in the face and groping for words worse than the ones i already knew and had used. It was then that my first rubbish word escaped my mouth(which was set in an unbecoming sneer at the time. It only added to the beautiful gibberish to follow)-"Snghhhkrch"(said through gritted teeth to add that extra inflection). History, ladies and gentlemen, was made at that moment and I haven't looked back since. Gibberish is now officially my second language (unofficially my first-What would people say!?)
Try it. I assure its as stupid as it sounds. Thats the beauty of it!

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MM said...

Ha ha ha!
Oh you MUST tell me how that sounds!