Saturday, 3 March 2007

First Post and the Like

My first post-quite a monumental event, considering it took me a year to put my thought of blogging into action at last. Inspired by my friend and cajoled by others i have decided to do the right thing-namely get off my lazy ass to do something constructive. writing and posting poetry jus isn't enough for my overly hyperactive self. (ha!)
My bubu says with didain that i am a sensation seeker well he doesn't realize(and i haven't brought it to his attention yet) that I'm actually the worst kind of sensation seeker ie I get bored easily. Unless the current object of my interest is truly sensational my attention gathers itself and walks out in a huff, searching for new avenues. Geminis...sigh. (not that astrology is worthy of my supreme interest) Poetry, music, books and my friends. Now they're something i'll NEVER be able to live without.
Now that i have ranted for a while i believe its time for me to divert my attentions toward the idiot box. It craves my attention.
Note: Since the words 'attention', 'sensation', and 'interest' have been used ten billion times in this post they have been temporarily annihilated from my diction.

1 comment:

MM said...

Oooo looky what I found perchance!:-D My munch has a blog! Two blogs! Hurray! I'm thrilled!:-D
Its about time! (reprimanding look)
Now I can sit back and wait for you to make me laugh, like you always do.