Saturday, 17 March 2007

The Poor Poor Sheep

Have you ever tried counting sheep when you can't sleep? You have, haven't you? Well i have too. I was just lying in bed...i couldn't sleep. I closed my eyes and all i could think about was how i couldn't sleep. The i resorted to this supposed old favourite-counting sheep! The theory behind it is that you get so bored that you eventually fall asleep.(HA!)
Anyway, i began counting sheep. That became boring. So i added a fence.(the green meadow and mountains in the backdrop as well as the little stream were there by default) What harm could that do? Turns out a lot. Once the fence was added i had to incorporate it into the whole charade. So i took advice from one of the sheep-Moe (Surprise, surprise-he's black) and made the sheep jump over the fence neatly before wading accross the stream to reach the green meadow. (just go with it ok) That worked for a while. (for a while) The sheep 'baa-ed' happily, pranced over the fence, then waded accross and then munched contentedly.

*'Baa', prance, wade, chomp. 'Baa', prance, wade, chomp. 'Baa', prance, wade, chomp.*

Then it happened. One of the sheep's hind legs struck the fence as he jumped and he landed with a sick 'crunch', in a pile on the other side mumbling a weak 'baa', trying to get up. But...
Lemme tell you something-Sheep are daft. What followed can only be described as a major pile-up. I'm talking twenty to thirty sheep, and more on the way, happily prancing into the 'baa'ing mess with the first sheep still mumbling broken, weak 'baa's every now and then.
What's worse is that i just couldn't stop myself!! My imagination ran wild and I abandoned my attempt to sleep completely, when my little story ended with Moe reciting lines from the Matrix, happily launching rockets into the ever-growing pile. The rest is too graphic to describe.
Moral: Do NOT imagine anything about sheep. Its dangerous.

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MM said...

For you its dangerous...mutter mutter... hyperactive imagination.
My sheep'd probably have just peacefully jumped their way over the fence and begun chomping on the tasty bunches of grass that grew in plenty on the other side. (It would be greener as well. The grass I mean.)

Some would have bounded across into the horizon in search of greener pastures, but there'd be nothing as drastic as you described.

Ooo Ooo Ooo... Here's a thought! Replace the sheep with Lamas!
No, wait... It'd be... erm... safer not to.

You're funny munch. :-)
Nice post!