Monday, 5 March 2007

Headaches, Midgets and Munch

It's such a strange feeling when you're happy after a long time. Its like meeting a different person-metaphorically speaking(whatever that means). It is also very strange (but not uncommon) when you have a truckload of work to do but you just couldn't be bothered. (just couldn't give a #&*@ #%+!! to be clearer) Listening ta music and adding nonsensical things to your blog, eating copious amounts of ice cream and twiddling yout thumbs become extremly important activities. Seriously! I haven't had such time for myself in so LONG!(my thumbs hurt)
My back hurts (adding to the agony in the thumbs) and don't ask me about my head (i know you won't so i'm gonna tell you without further ado) My head hurts. Tumor bad. The entire left side is pounding! Yet i have to sit three inches away from the computer screen for as long as i can, squint at small print books in bad light and and watch TV avidly. Self pity is the best way to go during times like these. Its a HUGE comfort. Helping yourself is just plain loserish.
College was hilarious today. I got a 'WOW' on my paper from LV. If you're thinking thats a good thing then you're highly mistaken.
Munch had a nice.....uhh lets say-discussion...with Kana in the middle of the staircase with a large crowd being entertained on the sidelines. I managed to sell a few tickets here and there-all in all quite a profit. Osh was too busy cowering in a small puddle of embarassement so I cashed in today!!(haha! my evil plan of taking over the world economy is within reach!)
Stayed with mortified munch for a while, then returned home to wallow in self pity and the splitting headache.
My dad has this interesting theory that having a headache is quite like having a small vindictive barbarian in your head, who just keeps pounding away inside there with grim satisfaction. He has a mallet the size of China and takes great pleasure in thumping you with it. The mallet goes down,the midget goes up, the mallet goes up and the midget goes down, then the mallet goes...oh you get the hang of it-i think. (If you haven't then stop reading my blog)
Me n him (the barbarian) have become quite good friends over our week long companionship. I christened him Hagar-Headache Hagar recently. ( I know the name is taken. Deal with it.) There was a party and everything. I even managed ta sneak a bottle of Champagne in and crash it on his head when he wasn't looking. (Don't worry, he's fine. The stitches are almost completely healed.)
For all my complaining we manage to exchange pleasantries between thumps( he is a busy man-what with all the thumping and all)

Shar: "Hi there hagar! Back again are you?"
Shar: "Oh I'm doing perfect!! Almost can't feel you in there!"
Hagar: "Grunt grunt*"
(Well he's not a conversationalist, not one for small talk, or any kind of talk for that matter but he is a busy man)
That was our last conversation. Will keep you posted. (haha! get it!? "will keep you posted" I crack myself up i tell you!)


MM said...

Munch, will you please frickin go see a doctor?
Its time to take that midget DOWN!

RastaQueen said...

Tinky, this is hilarious. My stomach is still hurting and this has to be the 2nd time i've read this!
Keep it moving!