Friday, 16 March 2007


The midget is missing. He is number ten on the Interpol's Most Wanted List. Apparently that isn't enough. He is reported to be in hiding with another fugitive(I'm not hinting at anything here) in some mountains North(or was it South) of Afghanistan(or was it Argentina).
His description is---small ruffian-looking, vertically challenged, semi Homo-Sapien with a scruffy beard and a hammer the size of China (as mentioned before). Sometimes answers to the name 'Hagar'.
If spotted please contact nearest Interpol headquarters(I know they're hard to locate. Stop whining) or me because there is a HUGE reward in store for the lucky man/woman/co-conspiring midget. (I'm not saying the reward is really huge, but it ain't small either...unless you compare it with something else...smaller...maybe then. But its not huge-huge...maybe you could say big..not big-big. Something like that anyway. Confused? So was I. Just call in you greedy pigs.)
More updates later.

1 comment:

MM said...

I have espied the midget you describe.
He was seen with a Lama.
The very Lama that got away without booking our tickets to Europe.
The two of them gave me a conspiratory look before galloping away (rather awkwardly, I'm afraid, because of the size of the mallet and all) into the horizon.

I'm sorry I couldnt catch them.
I really am.
But dont worry.
But that Lama will GET it this time. He's bitten off more than he can chew, he has.

:-D Nice post munch!