Sunday, 4 March 2007

Holy **** its Holi

hello world!
its me! Utterly bored and regretting every minute of this agony..I have been a social recluse for two days now. No that is not what I am agonizing about or what I'm regretting. I have writer's block!!! Thank god i have my blog to write utter muck in! Which is my second favourite activity after lazing around in front of the tv.
The Idiot box has completely taken over my life!! It has I tell you! Today is Holi(The festival of colours) and all i can think of is whether its time for dinner yet (my stupid cellphone tells me its 3:25 p.m) I officially have had writer's block since 10 a.m and its still going strong-hence the boring post. Maybe if i copy one of my poems here it'll inspire me. But i'm too bored to do tat so i think i'll jus stare at the screen for a while.....*stare stare stare stare sigh stare stare sigh*
It dint work. I notice my screen is disgustingly dirty though. I think its still displaying remnants of a bug i swatted on it a few years ago. Rather than describe the dry, flaky substance i visciously scraped at to clean my murky screen, I'm gonna change the topic. My research paper is due tomorrow and i don't think I know how to spell the title leave alone write twenty pages on it. Two marks a day are going to be deducted for the late lathiefs. I wonder how they're going to mark me if they don't have a positive total when i do finally give it in. My right shoulder aches savagely and all i can do is stretch which jus makes me more lethargic. Tis a viscious circle i tell you. Hey i have a poem about being lazy..I'll put it up here. For real this time. *stare stare stare sigh scrape scrape sigh* I'm gonna post it I tell you! I will I will! Here it is, you bunch of sceptics!
A stretch, a yawn
a purr of lethargy
horizontally i adorn
my bed like an effigy
Verticality? Tis a myth
I know no such thing
All my kin and kith
are as lazy. Its astounding.
I'm a sloth you say?
Why thank you, my dear!
How can i repay
your statement of truth so clear.
Well you can name call or whine
but sticks and stones'..
vehemently say "Fine!"
but I'll always remain a LAZYBONES!


MM said...

Me likes. And this was written in Add English Class. I forgot to ask you... what did PK say?

And haha about the mosquito. Funny, I dont recall it being there... perhaps I need the glasses.

Prunella said...

You write very well.

Wickedcookie said...

thank you! :)