Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Traveller Monologue

The Vast Machine…We just have to escape it! Or we’ll be sucked into its ‘safe’ clutches…never living off the grid again-never escaping its so called safety. I’ve thought about it and I don’t think it’s too advanced here. I pity people in the U.S, the U.K and other developed countries. I mean at least here our ‘leaders’ have stuff to deal with that have a higher priority level than keeping tabs on the general populace. It’s scary-the thought of how completely they could control us or are controlling us. Subliminal messages, hypnosis---things of the past.

Now it’s just straight and simple. Keep watch-any inconsistencies displayed by a drone or a citizen and it shall be dealt with. There’s no way to escape it unless you’re a Traveller or the even more dangerous Harlequin. But then there’s no chance for respite either. Always on the run...looking over your shoulder..wondering.

The idea that we could be watched and kept tabs on-photographed twenty times a day-if not at home then when we’re shopping or withdrawing money or just taking a walk down the street is just disturbing. To most people at least. JTH says that some people justify it by saying “They know what’s best for us” or “It’s a bad world” but what kind of beings would we become if the only true thing that makes us Human Beings is taken away from us. Our Free Will.

I know this post is a bit vague and abrupt. But you’ll only completely understand it if you read The Traveller by John Twelve
Hawks. Read it!


It's Her said...

HEELLLLO!!! I got your PM earlier, thank you SO much! I have been reading your blog, but there's one thing I can't understand...

WHY ON EARTH do they make you get up so early for DRIVING LESSONS?!!! I didn't even know there was a 6.40 AM until I read your blog, I guess you learn something new each day!

I hope you're well and have as nice a weather as we do here at the moment! I'll keep reading, Rosie xxx

Anonymous said...

I read The Traveller and LOVED it, too! The second book comes out in the summer. Nice blog...

"Maya's Half-Sister"