Wednesday, 2 May 2007

It Doesn't Bite I swear

This is a short and informative post to let you know about the purpose and nature of my guestbook. First off signing the guestbook is mandatory! I mean, how much time does it take out of your life? A minute, mebbe two? It isn't in the least bit ferocious (Don't ask me about some of the stories I've heard). It doesn't bite, has no taste for human flesh (I've heard that's an acquired taste) and it doesn't point out how silly your message is (which, face it ,it is) Its friendly. I promise. Try it! First person ta write in my esteemed (and friendly) guest book gets a chocolate. (A real musty old one thats been lying in my cupbopard for a year. I'm a hoarder remember?)
Ciao munchkins!

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