Friday, 4 May 2007

Another boy bites the dust...


My guest book has two comments now. One from the beautiful, one-chocolate-richer Kristofer and the other one from 'boy' who is evidently a depraved, tasteless....uhhhh....boy(?). Fortunately i don't give a rat's ass about what he thinks.

(His exact comment: "Why in Ayn Rand's name would anyone visit this blog twice ?
Btw that name is only for me to address myself."

Whatever that means!)

Since boy wonder must think its very intelligent to say the name Ayn Rand and still not know whether its a woman or a man, I thought I'd give a small intro to one of the greatest writers ever! I've read Atlas shrugged. There's something very haunting about it and you get it only if you've read it at least twice. I love how it all falls into place the second time. And even though its supposed to dapple in the complex world of philosophy I didn't experience the stigma of boredom usually associated with philosophy and its derivatives.
And adhering to a statement earlier I really do not give a rat's ass ( as this post has clearly demonstrated. Hahahaha)
Begone cursed 'boy'. Thou art not welcome anyway.
Ciao! :)

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nutcase said...

am being read by ppl I dont know!! YAY i am famous...loved your driving post