Tuesday, 22 May 2007

ArrrrBaaz and the Rest

Went to Java City on Sunday. From work. Sat there and it wasn't the same. Kristofer was there. (Birdie is in the northern half of the country right now.) Kush was there. And a few other people I didn't know. Maybe i was tired. Kush was tryin to keep the mood up. (He even broke into song at one point. I gave him such a horrified expression that the poor thing stopped abruptly) Max was banging away on his percussion contraptions and all i could do was give a weak nod. (sad, sad) Even La Bamba couldn't wrench me out of my stupour. Well whatever it was, it went away the next day. (Thank the God of Grumbles!)
Work was fun that day. I had NOTHING to do (not that i was complaining.) I was actually pretending to do some ground breaking journalistic stuff(poetbay and orkut) when Poetyes called me to her ummmm....lets say cubicle for lack of any better alternative...and she told me to call Arbaaz Khan!( Black Buck killer's brother) Since it was my first brush with fame(after my meeting with Rahul Dravid, that is) I was skipping around the place squealing "I'm gonna interview Arbaaz Khan!" and irritating everybody. Only later did i realize that it wasn't such a huge thing. Who knew? Didn't Arbaaz Khan save the world sometime recent?? I think he did.
Anyway, I spoke to the man. He was sweet and everything. I forgot to ask him half the stuff and fabricated the rest in the article (DISCLAIMER: I most certainly DID not!)
I spent half of today talking to the people at LCI in Bangalore. Laughter Club International. I managed not to laugh even once. (How hard is it to tell a joke now and then.)

On a completely different note, i have a new joke! It goes;

"How do you know you're a pirate?"
"Ya just arrrrrrr!"

hahahahaha. If you're not rolling on the floor with laughter then get yourself checked out. I told this joke to millions of people and TWO of them laughed(Mangi and Kristofer). You're the abnormal ones :D
Signing off on a happy note....ciao u lot!

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MM said...

Hahahaha! Oh you always make me laugh munch! :D
Disclaimer... hahaha!

I so relate. Throws you off when they're nice, doesnt it? Makes you all soppy and confused. :(
I cant wait to see the article. The review was oh-so-funny by the way. Good boy Bad boy it seems...the name itself is so putting-off. Good job! :D

Who's poetyes? I'm curious to hear why s/he's called that.