Saturday, 19 May 2007

Fully Funtional Phones

I forgot to write a post about my new phone! My dad got me one when my nokia something-or the-other decided to go blank in the screen area. (I'd dropped the phone about a million times but the two incidents are hardly related, are they?) anyway, about the new phone, its a Samsing something-or-the-other. And its fun!

I have new ringtones after ages. Right now its Pink Floyd.
I have cute pictures of fuzzy little animals and my niece too! (the two are not in the same category)
I have games that my cousin has mastered. I have passwords for my inbox.
I have a way to keep track of time now! (Don't ask me how i managed before. I got quite used to asking vague people on the street the time)

And one huge plus point-I CAN SEE THE SCREEN!!!
Here's to fully funtional phones; for now.

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